Imagine yourself playing an instrument, and to be able to learn it in an easy and funny way, along with other people. Also imagine that this tool is convenient to use in your work with children, and have such a nice shape to make you irresistible in your music classroom. Imagine being able to play this little instrument and be able to work with children by acting on their musical learning, and not just playing to entertain or calm them down.
That would be great, right? Well, it exists.

Ukulele and MLT 2 is an innovative course dedicated to Music Educators, childhood educators, music therapist, and anyone who works with children and wants to discover this wonderful instrument. We can teach you all of this through the principles of Music Learning Theory. It has been developed by Prof. Edwin Gordon for over twenty years of research, with a practical and theoretical approach in the field of music education, and it helps people teaching music in a natural and conscious way.

It is an innovative approach also for teachers: using a correct learning sequence the teacher will be able to have fun teaching and enjoy the musical moment too. If you have attended UKULELE & MLT 1, you are ready tto

A fun and engaging workshop for teachers, educators and parents to learn how to play the ukulele according to Gordon’s Music Learning Theory principles. Ten-hour workshop with Marta Noè and Tiziana Pozzo.

This course is specifically designed for educators and teachers working in early years, primary and secondary school teachers, music therapists and parents willing to get closer to this instrument in a gradual and fun way!

A great way to learn music and socialize discovering in the meantime the principles of Gordon’s Music Learning Theory.
In this course we will make music in group, developing musical skills and technique. We will learn popular songs and original melodies.

The course is open to everyone who has attended UKULELE & MLT 1. Through the guiding principles of the Music Learning Theory, we will go deeper the musical notions useful to learn this particular instrument.

– music sheets and tutorial on Gordon UK YouTube channel
– audio recordings of 10 songs with bases and melodies to be used for practical activities

Participants need to have their own instrument.
A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the course.

Saturday from 10.00am to 1.00pm and 2.30pm – 5.30pm (6 hours)
Sunday from 10.00am to 2.00pm (4 hours).

In this course, you will learn the principles of the Music Learning Theory and discover how to apply them in your early years music session. This workshop consists of a theoretical and practical part (10 hours), with the possibility of doing internships in MLT classes in London and in Italy.

How can you participate in this workshop?

Music Learning Tree is a flexible training course that gives you the choice to create your ideal learning path.
You can attend as many workshops as you want according to your teaching needs.

What else?

  • Internship: you can join our courses for children and observe directly the application of MLT;
  • Supervision: organise your personal coaching sessions on Skype with Marta or Tiziana.
  • Study group: to share your thoughts and experience with other Music Learning Tree teachers.
  • Facebook group: private group where you can find all the participants of Music Learning Tree.

How does it work?

Combine your workshop and create your personal journey through MLT or attend the whole course.

How do I book my place?

  • One workshop: £90
  • Up to 4: £85 (book at the same moment)
  • Music Learning Tree complete course: £490


  • One workshop: £75
  • Up to 4: £70 (book at the same moment)
  • Music Learning Tree complete course: £390


All payments need to be sent to the following bank account or paid by card (please send an email to – extra % due to PayPal fee)

MUSIC TREE 20-41-50 / 53548430



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