This workshop is designed to support teachers and music educators to implement with body music their musical session for children aged between 4 and 12.
Throughout musical activities based on MLT’s principles, we will build a path designed to gradually help students to reach the coordination between voice and rhythmical movement of body music, through imitation, composition and improvisation.

The course will develop on a continuous exchange between theory and practice and will focus on the description of the learning areas at the base of the activities, to support the teachers in drawing their own educational plan, taking into consideration many different aspects of children’s development (executive functions as attention, short-term memory, flexibility, planning of cognitive activities, inhibition of impulses; coordination; inclusion and teamwork…).

How can you participate in this workshop?

Music Learning Tree is a flexible training course that gives you the choice to create your ideal learning path.
You can attend as many workshops as you want according to your teaching needs.

What else?

  • Internship: you can join our courses for children and observe directly the application of MLT;
  • Supervision: organise your personal coaching sessions on Skype with Marta or Tiziana.
  • Study group: to share your thoughts and experience with other Music Learning Tree teachers.
  • Facebook group: private group where you can find all the participants of Music Learning Tree.

How does it work?

Combine your workshop and create your personal journey through MLT or attend the whole course.

How do I book my place?

  • One workshop: £90
  • Up to 4: £85 (book at the same moment)
  • Music Learning Tree complete course: £490


  • One workshop: £75
  • Up to 4: £70 (book at the same moment)
  • Music Learning Tree complete course: £390


All payments need to be sent to the following bank account or paid by card (please send an email to – extra % due to PayPal fee)

MUSIC TREE 20-41-50 / 53548430


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