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I have been attending these classes for around 10 months and it has been a breath of huge fresh air! The musical freedom and movement the babies and children have in this class is unlike any other. They are free to express themselves without being told to do the actions at the right time, sing the right words. Their confidence grows very rapidly during the classes in expressing themselves out loud. My toddler has loved the classes(and Tiziana) from the word go, firstly quietly watching and listening and now recently he has at 18 months old started to answer Tiziana musically with the bam bam or pam pam in his own rhythm and melody or trying to copy hers in response. It’s amazing to watch! X

Melanie, mom and Music Teacher

Taking part of Tiziana’s musictherapy and MLT sessions was one of my best formative experiences since I started studying for being a music therapist as well.
She has a unique feel communicating through music with kids thanks to her incredible emotive sensibility and musician skills and knowledge.

Samuel’s assistance in music therapy sessions is also very crucial in order to ensure a 360degree musical expressiveness to the patient.

They are such a fantastic and powerful couple!
Their positivity, happiness and hunger to improve themselves is literally contagious and making music with them is like crafting a frame of comfort and happiness around our own life.

Watching kids smiling and enjoying during activities and for the entire session, will be an unforgettable picture in my mind of how music can definitely improve human well-being and communication.

👉Don’t miss them! Your child will love to discover music!

Alvise, Music Terapist


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