FIRST STEPS IN MUSIC – LISTENING. A free 5-day online course

Gordon UK is launching its first project! FIRST STEPS IN MUSIC – LISTENING is a FREE 5-day course online that will help you to create a musical listening path with your students. In the last weeks, we have worked hard to prepare this training opportunity and we hope you’ll find it interesting! You will findContinue reading “FIRST STEPS IN MUSIC – LISTENING. A free 5-day online course”

MLT, a natural learning process

Do you sometimes have the impression of losing your bearings or the purpose of what you are doing as a music practitioner? You might have the impression of being stuck during the educational path with your students, feeling like you’re going back and forth. It can happen in a difficult process as education. The principlesContinue reading “MLT, a natural learning process”


Here we are at day 5 with the presentation of our new project Gordon UK. Today we’re talking about the training courses that we’ve prepared for teachers and music educators. We will start with introductory workshops (first one at the end of March 2019) and we’ll continue with a broader project after the summer. It willContinue reading “INTRODUCTORY COURSE”


Following Gordon’s Music Learning Theory (MLT) as a music practitioner means always being aware of the music proposal that is offered to students.  It also means that you’ve studied children’s music learning processes and you are conscious of their developmental steps. Let’s start from the beginning.  1. The MLT revolutionises the way we “ask” childrenContinue reading “THE REVOLUTION”

Pam Pam – Christmas concert for families

Get ready for “PAM PAM concerts” for families, the only concert in London inspired by the Gordon’s Music Learning Theory (MLT). No stage or chairs: children and parents in the centre of the space, comfortably seated or lying, embraced by the sound of the musicians around them.An experience of direct contact with the music, forContinue reading “Pam Pam – Christmas concert for families”

How do you use Body and Voice in Music Education

In Italy, we started a training with a wonderful group of teachers: Body and Voice are key parts of our education in music, as Gordon said, and we need to get in touch with those elements to change our point of view when we teach to babies and kids 👶🏻👧🏼And you, how do you use BodyContinue reading “How do you use Body and Voice in Music Education”

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