Gordon UK is a new project about the Music Learning Theory of E.E. Gordon and its research. For the first time in London, the Gordon approach meets two teachers, Marta and Tiziana, with a passion for music education.

Our mission is to promote the Music Learning Theory in UK and develop the research about music for all ages. Join us in this big adventure!

Marta Noè

Her interest in music started when she was young and went with her father, a famous Italian sound engineering, in one of the most important recording studios in Milan: since then she knew music will have been in her life. She plays piano, violin, ukulele, guitar and autoharp. She started playing the oboe in 2009 and she’s now attending the Milan Conservatory. After teaching for many years in Italian nurseries and primary schools, she founded Musindò, a music school in Milan where the music education plan is developed according to the Gordon’s Music Learning Theory. From 2017 she organises training courses for teacher and music educators, concerts and events for children and families. In 2016 she created a new series of workshop for teachers, named “Ukulele for everyone”, based on the principles of the Gordon’s MLT.

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She became mum in 2011 and from that moment onwards she decided to focus her attention on researching how children develop their natural musical attitude. She attended courses in Italy (Aigam, Audition Institute) becoming a Certified Teacher. This enabled her to teach babies 0-6, 6+ kids and adults according to the MLT. She studied with important teachers from the States, as Dina Alexander, Christopher Azzara (focusing on the improvisation based on the MLT), Marylin Lowe (founder of the MLT method “Music Moves for piano”) and Marisa Perez (founder of IGEME in Spain).

She currently lives in Italy, where she teaches and develops the Gordon Research. 

Tiziana Pozzo

In 2008, Tiziana graduated in pianoforte from the Music Conservatoire in Venice. In 2011 she completed a diploma specialising in Music Therapy from Giovanni Ferrari – Jean Monnet Universite” Europeenne A.I.S.B.L. Bruxelles in Padua with a thesis on cognitive enhancement through music and the movement in cases of learning disabilities. At the same time, she specialised in studying the development of children and their natural understanding of music. She attended courses in Italy and abroad, becoming a certified teacher of the Audiation Institute, enabling her to teach through the ‘Music Learning Theory’ of E.E. Gordon.

In 2008 she founded Musicalmente – Centro per la formazione musicale e culturale in her hometown. This was the first centre of its kind which concentrated on musical learning for children from 0-10 years old.

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In the same year she discovered the body music and mastered its performance, teaching and therapeutic potential. She was also carried out research in the field of education and therapy (learning disabilities, Executive functions, Downs Syndrome, Senile Dementia, Parkinsons, Alzheimers) and participated in congresses and international festivals. In 2010 she came across theatre improvisation at the association ‘Cambiscena’ in Padua and soon she starts teaching body music for improv theatre (Uk, Italy, Sweden).

For years she collaborated with educational institutions (from infant schools to universities) on music and music therapy projects in Italy, Spain and the UK. Since 2013 she has held workshops and courses on body percussion and circle singing. These focus on music therapy, teaching and performance. In 2014, she moved to Alicante, Spain to coordinate a music project at an infant school ‘Trazos y Rayajos’, whilst attending a Research Masters at the Faculty of Education at the University of Alicante.

She currently lives in London where she mainly works in research and music therapy. In 2016 she starts the collaboration with Creative Futures and the University College London for various research projects (one related to music for deaf students and the other for the development of the executive functions through music during early childhood). For Creative Futures she recently collaborated in the writing of the toolkit “Sounding Out – Music with deaf students”, available online for free for teachers and music educators, describing the experiences and activities carried out during the three years of research with deaf students. She is part of the research group Music and Cognition.

In 2018 she founded Highbury Park Music (for music and music therapy with children, teenagers and adults) and London Circle Music (body music and circle-singing events for adults).


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