CHRISTMAS BUBBLES – A musical advent calendar

Christmas Bubbles is our present for you for the upcoming month of December. We have carefully selected 24 pieces of music, and every day you will receive one of them as if you were picking it from the box of our musical advent calendar (we love this term, advent musical!).

Christmas Bubbles is for everyone, especially if:

  • you are a mother, you can listen to it at home with your children;
  • you work as an educator, it will help you develop your musicality and that of children’s one;
  • you are a teacher, you can use it for your lessons and build a short listening path;
  • you are convinced that music is not for you: listen to the songs and let me know what happens to your ears 🙂


Christmas Bubbles is composed of a musical suggestion a day, purely to listen to. 

Click below to register for free and share it! You’ll receive the direct link in your e-mail box: we start  all together on the 1st of December.

Oh yes, I want to receive Christmas bubbles!


First of all, space to your creativity: our email with the musical suggestion will arrive every morning in December at 7.00 am. In this way, if you wish, you can write the title of the song on a piece of paper and let your children or students pick for it from your advent calendar. And if you don’t want to physically build a calendar, you can simply listen to our links directly from your email inbox.

Let us know how you’re going to use it!

CHRISTMAS BUBBLES IS A PROJECT BY Marta Noè, Gordon Uk Music Trainer

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