MLT, a natural learning process

Do you sometimes have the impression of losing your bearings or the purpose of what you are doing as a music practitioner?

You might have the impression of being stuck during the educational path with your students, feeling like you’re going back and forth. It can happen in a difficult process as education.

The principles of Gordon’s Music Learning Theory can help you having always in front of you the direction to follow with your students.

Above all, you will start feeling much more relaxed about the planning of your sessions because it will be part of a natural process, not an end in itself anymore.

You will live the learning process together with the child in front of you and you’ll choose the best teaching proposal following their signs of progress. It will be a learning for you too and you’ll be fully aware of the direction you take.

Observing from this special point of view the music learning of a student and the joy that comes from the naturalness of this process is an extraordinary way of improving for a teacher.

We’re proud to work in education and to be able to do it this way.

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