Following Gordon’s Music Learning Theory (MLT) as a music practitioner means always being aware of the music proposal that is offered to students. 

It also means that you’ve studied children’s music learning processes and you are conscious of their developmental steps.

Let’s start from the beginning. 

1. The MLT revolutionises the way we “ask” children to listen to music. It makes the whole learning process natural, same as learning how to speak. 

2. Furthermore, the MLT bases its learning growth on the relationship between the participants of the group (teacher, children and families) and it allows direct and deep contact with the students.

3. The MLT is not based on imitation but on the awareness of musical notions which, Gordon’s says, are supported by the body movement. 

At the end of March, there will be our first introductory course regarding the MLT, for the first time in London.

Find out what we have created for you by clicking on the page courses.

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